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Piercings Prices

Ear Lobe          £25

Both Ear lobes £40

Helix                £30

Tragus             £30

Anti-tragus       £30

Conch              £30

Snug                £30

Industrial          £45

Daith                £30

Rook                £30

Forward Helix  £30

Lip/Labret        £30

Snake bites     £55

Medusa            £30

All piercing prices include basic jewellery, other options are available in the studio for selected piercings prices dependant per piece. 

- Change overs to our jewellery £3

- Change overs to jewellery not purchased from the studio £5

- We will not do change overs to Claire's jewellery.

Madonna       £30

Nostril           £30

Septum          £35

Bridge           £35

Smiley           £35

Eyebrow        £30

Cheek           £30

Both Cheeks £55

Nape             £40

Nipple           £35

Both Nipples £60

Navel             £40


£5 discount when getting more than one piercing at a time.

anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian with both ID's (passport or drivers license only).

All piercings are performed using single use sterile needles only.

We use implant grade titanium/gold only, we will not pierce you with your own jewellery.

For any further questions or to book

please call the studio.

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