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What’s a WannaDo?


“Wanna Do’s” are designs I would like to incorporate into my portfolio and are therefore offered at a reduced rate. Sizes vary, but generally these are designed for larger tattoos. If you would like to claim one of my Wanna Do designs, please send us  an email to or contact the Tattoo artist directly. 


This is a fun way for the artists to show their true colours to you, the clients, as well as for you to get a pretty good deal on some sweet designs

What is the difference between WannaDo and Flashes?

Now, you might be wondering, how is a ‘WannaDo’ different from ‘Flashes’? While both are unique designs created by you, the artist, the primary difference lies in their purpose and design. A ‘Flash’ is typically a smaller, more generic design that can be replicated across multiple clients. They are typically simpler designs that can be completed in a single session and are often preferred by customers who want a small tattoo or are first-time tattoo receivers. On the other hand, a ‘WannaDo’ is a more intricate and personalised design made by you. These designs are typically more complex and might require more than one session to complete. They provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity, talent, and individuality as an artist.

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